LED Bathroom Lighting, Efficient and bright

LED Bathroom Lighting,Efficient and Bright

What are LED bulbs? Why have they all of a sudden become more popular than the traditional halogen light bulbs? In bathrooms we are unwittingly exposed to lighting as it helps us see clearer and illuminates your room. If you do not have the right lighting your room might seem dull and lifeless.

Here we will explain bathroom lighting and where the importance of illuminated mirrors comes in to play. Without even knowing we interact with our mirrors throughout home.

Imagine leaving the house without checking yourself in the mirror first? What a disaster that could be! Makeup everywhere, Baby food on your clothing or even your hair sticking up like a scene out of ‘There’s something about Mary’

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LED Explained

LED is an acronym for Light Emitting Diode. This is the term given to the electronic component which emits from the light. These diodes inside the tiny bulb are called luminaires. 

Luminaires or lumens are the amount in a rating scale of the brightness of the light bulb typically gives off. These bulbs are far more energy efficient than conventional halogen lights and have a much longer operating life span.

LED has an extremely high efficiency when it comes to the amount of lumens it emits, they have a much higher lifespan when compared to other types of bulbs and work out a lot cheaper to run, meaning lower energy bills.

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The average Bathroom LED Mirrored bulb can last anywhere from 7,000 hours up to 10,000 hours. In many commercial applications they can last as long as 100,000 hours.

In normal world terms that means If you have your bathroom mirror or lights on for 4 hours a day that equates to the lighting lasting nearly 7 years. Now that’s a lot easier than changing a light bulb once a year.


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The typical fluorescent bulb produces UV radiation and then converts it into visible lighting through the us of a phosphor coating inside the bulb. They are produced with inert gas inside the glass chamber. This can cause a problem when it comes to disposal your glass tube.

Now it may sound like I do not have anything good to say about halogen bulbs and well i guess i don’t.

The simple fact is that due to the vast improvement in LED lighting, when it compares to halogen lights they excel in every single way. 

I found the only place the halogen bulb wins out is in the direct replacement market, such as having a fitting that can only take a halogen replacement. Of course we are going to come across them in today to day life as they’ve been used for nearly 100 years and it’s going to take time to replace all of them.

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Now we have concluded that LED is superior, here are some of the key facts on just how good they are. 

  1. ErP Class A rated in power consumption. (below explains this in further details)
  2. LED lighting comes in a wide range of temperature colours. From 2000 Kelvins up to nearly 6500 kelvins. (I will explain in much more depth in my next article)
  3. LEDs do not need a warm up or cool down period, they are responsive and instant.
  4. Compared to halogen bulbs their life span is much longer. Saving on time and money replacing them.
  1. LED is very easy to dim. They can be used anywhere from 100% of the light to 0.5%. LED dimming functions by either lowering the forward current or modulating the pulse duration.
ERP Label

The ErP Directive, is a new regulation set by the European Union, is designed to drive improvements in the efficiency and performance of electrical and power consumption progress. Its purpose is to ensure that  the end users are aware of the level of energy efficiency inherent within their appliances.

Logical conclusion

Hopefully by now you can clearly see the benefits of LEDs when it comes to bathroom lights. It’s not just us that feel this way. The overwhelming amount of bathroom lighting and mirrored cabinet companies have all changed to this system. The durability and energy efficiency highlighted in my article shows us why they have all moved this way. The essential thing to take from this is how they are continuing to improve lighting in bathrooms and how to improve the way we use them.

Check out the next Simply Bathrooms article, HiB illuminating your life with colour temperature lighting.

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