Cloakroom Basins

When designing a cloakroom or ensuite and every inch of space needs to be maximized to the full potential. Choosing the right cloakroom basin will help enhance your small space. We sell many different styles from slimline, Square, deep and round.

Delia Cloakroom Corner Basin 1 Tap Hole 310mm

Many people might say its only a cloakroom. This small room is the one your friends and family might visit. By designing this room using every piece of space will help make this room feel large and less cramped.

Under stairs, toilets are tight at best, for this scenario a corner basin like the Delia Corner basin might work best. By using the central space in the room will help ensure it is practical and functional.

If you have a long but narrow room, the resolve cloakroom basin will suit this best. This cloakroom Sink is only 220mm deep.

You might think this small size will compromise how useful this basin is. The basin is designed so it is deep inside, which allows you to still wash your hands without water splashing out everywhere.

Resolve Cloakroom Basin 1 Tap Hole 450mmResolve-Cloakroom-Basin-1-Tap-Hole

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