Semi Recessed / Countertop Vanity Furniture Basins

Choosing the right semi recessed basin in the bathroom is an essential part of the design and functionally of your new bathroom. Here at Simply Bathrooms, we offer a wide range of styles and shapes. They are basins designed for fitted bathroom furniture.

They called “Semi” as they are half recessed into the vanity units. This allows you a lovely overhang so as not to stub your toe whilst getting up and close whilst washing your face or brushing your teeth.

Slim Depth or Standard Semi-recessed basins

There are two main types to consider before you can decide what style you might like. Is your new fitted furniture slim depth or a standard 300 plus depth. This will define which basins you can choose from.

The standard depth semi-recessed sinks (basins) are designed larger than the slim depth Countertop basins. They can only be fitted to vanity units that are deeper than 330mm. This size of the sink is scaled to a very similar normal basin and pedestal size. These semi basins often are the most popular choice.

Toone 520mm Semi Recessed Basin 1 Tap hole1ESP 560mm Semi Recessed Basin 1 Tap hole

The slim depth basins are designed so that the cutout into the unit is shorter. Which helps utilize the space within your bathroom. These semi-recessed basins are manufactured for units with a minimum depth of 220mm. These basins can be used for larger depth fitted bathroom furniture if you require. Many of these styles often have the tap positioned to the side to ensure you are unobstructed whilst using the tap and washing your face.

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