Bathroom Toilet Seats

Bathroom toilet seats really are the finishing touch on a bathroom you can choose from a range of different styles and colours. Every toilet is different so please ensure the toilet seat you choose is the right one for you. Choose from our wide range of seats, from colourful wooden seats to universal easy to install top fixing seats.

Many product-specific designed toilet seats are hard to find, many toilets come even without a brand, we have a wide choice of D-shaped, round and square-shaped fitting many of the leading brands like Vitra, Pura, Roper Rhodes, Ideal Standard, Laufen, Villeroy Boch to just name a few.

Simple Improvements

Soft-closing bathroom toilet seats have almost become the norm. We have got so used to having them, It feels strange and loud when they don’t work. Many seats now are coming with a quick-release system. This system allows you to remove the seat by a simple press of a button. Alloying you to easily clean around the toilet without being in the way.

Universal round toilet seats which are sometimes called egg-shaped. These seats are one of the most popular seats on the market today. Like with many seats they come with adjustable chrome hinges. They have been around for years and we have all grown up with this design. Check out our Round Seat page to see our huge range.

Imagine your amazing well-designed bathroom but without a toilet seat. All of a sudden your new important bathroom becomes unusable. These essential parts of our busy lives, as the unsung hero. That is why we at Simply Bathrooms offer such a wide range of choices to suit all budgets.

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