Back to Wall Bathroom Toilets

Finish your bathroom with these amazingly simple hygienic back to wall toilets. They will add a touch of style and contemporary design. These beautiful toilet pans will hide any unsightly pipework compared to a standard close-coupled toilet. With a cistern built into the wall or Wc unit. They add a streamlined look to your bathroom or ensuite.

They are often referred to as BTW which stands for Back to wall. When choosing the right toilet think of what you might want from it. We spend more than than you might realize on our toilet. That sounds like a simple choice, and of course, it can be. Design choices are ultimately the first visual decider. Ensure you check out many of the different functions it can offer.

We offer a choice of square toilets, round toilets, And hygienic rimless back to wall toilets. They come in a wide range of sizes to suit all your needs. If you have a small cloakroom or en-suite we offer short-projection compact toilets. They come as small as 485mm deep, The Serena is particularly useful in these types of rooms.

Ensuring you get the right height toilet can be important too. That is why we offer a comfort hight toilet which is tall than normal. This added height ensures it is easier to stand up off and sit down for people who need that little extra help. Taller than 6ft? These toilets are perfect for you too. You will need the Torrent comfort cistern for these types of toilets.


Many like new toilets on the market they have cutting edge technological improvements. Such as rimless toilets, Soft closing & quick release seats. We at Simply Bathrooms have a wide choice of options when it comes to these essential bathrooms products.

What is a back to wall toilet?

They are a floor standing toilet positioned against either a wall or bathroom furniture. They require a concealed cistern to operate the flush mechanism. These concealed cisterns can be adjusted to allow for a longer or shorter flush. Typically they are preset at 3 & 6 litres to save up to 50% more water than older styled toilets. Instead of a wall hung toilet, they are fixed to the floor and are much easier to install and without the need to be installed on a solid wall.

The water waste pipe, for which the connection is hidden out of sight. Then carries the waste and dirty water out of the pan. They can be fitted from a vertical soil stack. For horizontal installation, they can be fitted from the side and travel along with your bathroom furniture.


  • Always remember to buy your concealed cisterns. Some need specialist comfort versions.
  • Don’t always go for the cheapest option, Quality toilets are built to last.
  • Smart rimless toilets are easier to clean (saving you valuable time)
  • Check the quality of the seat, many toilets have specialist seats.

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