Short Projection Toilets

Selecting the right sized toilet for your bathroom is just as important as looks and function. With our beautiful Short projection toilet we ensure that all sizes of room are catered for. Our space saving toilets in particular have been designed with an plentiful seating area for someone to sit comfortably, While also benefitting from a reduced projection from the wall. Close coupled toilets with reduced projection are ideal for the modern smaller bathroom.

Short projection or reduced depth toilets are just what a modern, compact bathroom needs. The reduced depth of the toilet pan frees up more space, and does not cramp up a small room. Although the projection of the toilets is short, these maintain the same functionality and efficiency as any standard toilet and feature cistern and cistern fittings.

Get all the luxury of Standard close coupled toilets and enjoy the experience within compact bathrooms with the short projection toilets. Just like standard toilets, these units come in back to the wall, wall hung, close coupled variations, suited to user’s personal preferences.

Serena Square Close Coupled Toilet & Soft Close SeatResolve Rimless Mini Back To Wall Toilet & Seat

Featuring our smallest close coupled toilet (left image) This compact toilet is one of the smallest toilets on the market today, measuring at just 600mm deep.

If you need something small and compact for your bathroom furniture, the back to to wall toilet featured (the right image) measures just 550mm. Not only that, it has a rimless bowl feature. This allows no dirt or grim to hide.

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