LED Illuminated Mirrors

Getting the finishing touches right can be the most important part of a bathroom renovation. Mirrors are the unsung heroes of our day to day life. We brush our teeth in front of them, We do our hair in front of them, even our makeup. Choosing the right Illuminated Mirrors can maximize your space. By reflecting light around the room making the room feel larger in size.

Illuminated mirrors technologies have kept up to date with the modern world. Not only offer demister pads as standard. They have functions like USB charging sockets, Shaver sockets, contactless sensor switches & temperature changing colour lighting.

All our illuminated mirrors have built-in demister pads as standard. This simple technology helps ensure your mirror stays clear. The small device fitted just behind the mirror prevents the build-up of steam and condensation.  Simply activate the device before or after your bath or shower, to guarantee steam and streak-free mirror.

Colour Changing

The latest new technology to reach the market is dimmable colour changing the lighting. This means not only can you change the lighting colour. You can also even set how bright you want it to be. With this amazing technology, you can select between warm white or cool white lighting.

And finally, how can we forget one of the best technical advancements, The Bluetooth mirrors. They connect to your smart device which allows you to play music, listen to audiobooks. Whilst you relax back in your freestanding bath.

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