Ventilation & Moisture Extraction

An extractor Ventilation fan can be one of the most important addition to your bathroom space. As they help to prevent a build-up of condensation. Ensuring mold and damp doesn’t appear in your bathroom. featuring humidity adjustable sensors to allow a monitored level of moisture in your bathroom.

Our bathroom extractor fans consist of inline fans and silent wall fans. They can help to remove any unpleasant odors and will improve the extraction & ventilation in your bathroom.

Ceiling ventilation fans can have the added benefit of being part of your bathroom lighting. The Turbo and Cyclone hi-powered in-line ceiling fans have the option of choosing with out without and light.

Mould Prevention

The benefits do not just stop there. Many clients complain of there silicon going mouldy. By removing the dam warm air when fully utilising an extractor fan. This stops the build of from the very start.

Turbo Cyclone roomsetTurbo Room Set

Many people believe that leaving the window open whilst having a shower will remove the chance of mould or damp build up within the room. This claim is false, This only cools the room down and the warm water in the air then cools very quickly and drops to the surface of your flooring or surface. This then in-turn is water droplets. This then makes your bathrooms wetter and more prone to water or damp issues.

When installing new vanity furniture or chrome plated products like taps or showers, manufactures will state in there own terms and conditions that a fully working extractor fan is used and in operation to cover there own guarantees. Now this is not (unless the house is a new build) a enforced building regulation. This however is one of the first questions manufactures will ask if there appears to be water damage to your bathroom product.

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