Bathroom Vanity Furniture

The most effective way of maximizing your bathroom space is essentially a vanity basin. Let the bathroom furniture we have to offer help declutter your room. Instead of choosing the classic basin & pedestal where pipework is exposed and harder to keep clean.

A freestanding vanity unit gives you the modern look whilst helping you keep your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom organized. Forget that ugly plastic or metal pipework these cabinets hide them away.

Vanity units, Cloakrooms & Wc Units

Even with small cloakrooms and ensuites, we are sure to have the right unit for you. Wc units are fast becoming one of the most popular upgrades in the bathroom. They allow the toilet waste to be hidden and easier to clean.

Choose between a huge array of sizes, colours, and designs that we at Simply Bathroom have to offer.

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