Back To Wall WC Units

When designing your perfect bathroom there are many things to consider. Here at Simply Bathrooms, we are here to help. When designing bathrooms you need to look with open eyes. Do you choose the classic closed coupled toilet? or something more modern? The back to wall Wc units is a discrete way of tying all those subtle little details you are trying to pull together to enhance your functional well-used room.

Back to wall toilet units are not just an unused box behind the toilet pan. They are a cost-effective easy solution way of hiding the cistern out of view. This is not just convent, it is practical too. This allows you to choose a back to wall toilet. These toilets are the neatest toilets on the market. They are easier to keep clean due to there clean lines and no hidden areas to tirelessly keep clean.

Tanya Slim Wc Back To Wall Unit In Four Colours

With these back to wall Wc units, they hide the compact concealed cistern inside. These are many of these cisterns to choose from, many are very simple, neat and water-saving. The Wc unit will also hide any waste soil pipe from view. This again helps keep your bathroom clean and tidy. The Wc vanity unit can be cut to allow access from both sides or from the rear. The same can be said for the water feed as the base of these units are unobstructed.

Space Saving

Having one of these back to wall units as previously spoke about will hide any problematic pipework from plain sight. One of the many uses of these toilet units is when you have soil waste coming from the floor. By buying one of these units you can hide the pipework from view.

Akomi Floor Standing 550mm Vanity Unit & Basin In Three Colours

Furthermore, we have found a common problem from which our clients are trying to replace (without much hassle) an older low-level toilet in which the pipework comes from the floor. Modern toilets do not allow for the outlet to be more than 6″/150mm from the wall. These units help alleviate this problem by bringing the connection from the back of the toilet further forward.

Seamless Combination

You can combine many of these units with matching vanity units like the Akomi range. Another way of keeping everything hidden neatly away and easier to clean. With the Akomi or the Hampton traditional (seen below) you can streamline your furniture and create that perfect bathroom.

Hampton 600mm Back To Wall Toilet WC Unit In Five ColoursAkomi 550mm Back to Wall Toilet Unit In Three Colours

To complete the job, all you will need are these two simple things;

The only question now is what style and which colour to choose.

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