Reinforced Baths

Quality, strength and durability

Reinforced baths have superb thermal retention, because of the rigour of the manufacturing process and the quality of the materials used, The water stays warm much longer than average acrylic bath, meaning you don’t waste water or energy.

The strength and durability created by the reinforcement process means you don’t get that unnerving ’flexing’ sensation when you step in.

Reinforced baths results in a bath that has extra strength and rigidity – traditionally attributes only associated with cast iron baths. Ideal for larger families, hotels, B&Bs and rented accommodation.

All of our baths are made in Britain, which controls of all our processes giving you piece of mind. Don’t be confused with imported baths claiming to be the same process and have the same properties. If it is not made in England it is not to the same standard.

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