Bar Valve Mixer Showers

Bar Valve Mixer Showers can be manly used with a high pressure water system. Equal pressure for both hot and cold water is required to use these types of mixer showers. As far as installation, use and plumbing requirements a mixer shower is quite simple, which is why they are such a common choice for bathrooms in the UK.

Exposed shower valves are a good choice if you have solid brick walls that are unable to house a concealed shower valve. They are quicker and easier to fit as it is only the hot and cold water pipe feeds that need ‘chasing in’ within the wall, not the whole valve. Typically a horizontal bar that sits outside of the wall and houses all of its working parts within.

A thermostatic shower valve is designed to maintain water temperature within a +/- 2°C range so there isn’t a noticeable variance in temperature change when you’re showering. If there is a sudden reduction in incoming flow of hot or cold, the thermostatic valve will respond to compensate and keep a constant temperature. If either hot or cold water fails, thermostatic valves will shut off to prevent scalding.

Usually, Bar Valve Mixer Showers  has 2  handles depending on how many outlets you want to control. One of the handles will be the independent temperature control. Once you’ve found the perfect temperature position, this can then be left, meaning you can have your perfect temperature shower every day of the week. Because there’s no longer a need to mess around with water temperatures or spend time fiddling with the levers you can save time, water and energy.

There can also be subtle little differences in style and design, If you would like the added benefit of easy to use leave we offer product from Hansgrohe like the Crometta Thermostatic mixer shower or Triton dene. The easy to use levers will help operate the shower when your hands are soapy and wet.


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