HiB Globe LED Mirror Illuminated 450, 500, 600, 900, 1200 & 1400mm


In-stock, 2-3 Working Days Delivery. (500 & 600 wide only)

  • Bestseller.
  • Switch between cool white & warm white.
  • Sensor switch turns on/off the LED lighting
  • Heated demister pad for a steam-free mirror.
  • IP44 – electrically safe for use in the bathroom.
  • 5-year guarantee from the manufacturer.
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The HiB Globe LED Mirror comes in a wide range of different sizes to suit all sorts of rooms, from large bathrooms to tiny cloakrooms.

This best selling mirror really will set your room alight. This efficient low energy LED mirror has a life span of up to 20,000 hours.

Create the perfect ambient bathroom with the HiB Globe Mirror by a switch between cool white & warm white. The HiB Bathroom mirrors are the perfect bathroom mirror.


A demister is a pad fitted just behind the mirror that heats up to prevent the build-up of steam and condensation. Activate the mirror before a bath or shower and you are guaranteed to have a lovely, streak-free mirror, ready to use in an instant.

Sensor switch;

It is an easy and convenient way (without contact) with your mirror of turning it on and off. This contactless hand motion is a must-have in bathroom mirrors.

Switch between cool white & warm white;

Sometimes referred to as colour changing lighting, by pressing your finger & holding on the button you can adjust the LED warmth to create tailored bathroom experiences, from an invigorating morning daylight white (6500K) to a comforting evening warm white (2800K).


The IP (Ingress Protection) Standard describes a uniform system for classifying the degrees of
the protection provided by the enclosures of electrical equipment. IP44 Is the minimum required for a bathroom mirror protecting against dust particles and water ingress.

Addition product information;

  • Hib Globe LED Mirror range;
  • 450 Width x height 800mm
  • 500 Width x height 700mm
  • 600 Width x height 800mm
  • 900 Width x height 600mm
  • 1200 Width x height 600mm
  • 1400 Width x height 600mm
  • Portrait or landscape.
  • High quality toughened safety mirrored glass.
  • Class A energy rated.
  • From 2800K Warm light to 6400K cool white.

Electrical Safety Information;

HiB recommends that all electrical bathroom products should only be fitted by a suitably qualified, Part P registered electrician in accordance with current IEE regulations. Ensure the mains power supply is switched off before starting the installation.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg


Dispatch Times

3-5 Days

Manufacturer's Guarantee

5 Years

Product Type

Illuminated Mirror

Fixings Supplied

Fixing Supplied

Mirror Size

W 1200 x H 600, W 1400 X H 600, W 450 x H 800, W 500 x H 700, W 600 x H 800, W 900 X H 600

Energy Rating

Class A

Power Supply


Cable Entry Points



Portrait or Landscape


Wall Mounted


Yes, LED

Mirror Features

Colour Changing Lighting, Sensor Switch


78400000, 78500000, 78600000, 78610000, 78700000, 78710000


5039065784001, 5039065785008, 5039065786005, 5039065786012, 5039065787002, 5039065787101




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