Resolve Mini Rimless Fully Back To Wall Toilet & Soft Close Seat

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  • Modern style close-coupled toilet.
  • Easy to clean fully glazed ceramic.
  • Short Projection
  • Rimless for the ultra-easy clean toilet.
  • Flush-fitting toilet.
  • Manufactured from high-quality white Ceramic.
  • Luxury slim soft closing top fix seat.
  • Depth 600 x width 360 x height 790mm.
  • Lifetime guarantee.
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If you are looking for a toilet with hygiene in mind then the Resolve rimless pan is ideal. This Rimless short Projection Toilet allows for easy cleaning and leaves nowhere for germs to hide rimless hygiene technology.

It would look great in a modern setting. This version is also fully back to the wall, therefore, hiding all the unsightly pipework from view. This style of toilet is swiftly becoming the most popular type of toilet to buy. As we all know bathroom cleaning is not everyone favourite job. By choosing a fully concealed closed coupled toilet that job has just become a little easier.

Manufactured from fine quality vitreous china and with their strict quality control procedure you can be sure you are buying a quality item.

Rimless toilet;

What is rimless you say, It is one of the most impressive improvements in toilet design. On the underside of the toilet rim (where the water normally flushes from) Instead of small holes dotted around the underside this rim, the design allows the water to flush from the back and direct very efficiently the water around the bowl from three glazed holes.

Apart from being extremely hygienic and easy to clean, It exceeding the European Union standards for hygiene. The design also prevents the splashing of water and reduces flushing noise.

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Modern close coupled toilets;

The cistern is attached to the back of the toilet, behind the seat. The most popular flush mechanism is operated by a push-button on the top of the cistern. The close-coupled toilet combination is the most common set up in UK households. There are two distinct types, open-backed and fully back to the wall depending on your design tastes and installation preferences. There is a wide array of choices within our portfolio whatever the style or budget.


One of the most impressive bathroom sanitary range by simply bathrooms has a wide range of options, from back to wall toilets, Cloakroom basins and basins, Even matching bathroom taps. Click here to see the range.

Additional product information;

  • Standard height toilet.
  • Seat position height 400mm.
  • Flush-fitting toilet hides the soil pipe from view which is better on the eye.
  • Quick-release seat for even easier cleaning.
  • 3/6 Litre Dual Flush.
  • Horizontal straight outlet for through the wall installation.
  • Floor fixing included.
  • Rimless Short Projection Toilet

Water-saving technology;

One of the easiest ways to save water is to install a toilet with a dual flush cistern. A dual flush cistern allows the user to choose how much water to use when flushing. The concept can be applied to wall hung, closed coupled and back to wall toilets. The volume of water used can be significantly reduced by selecting a half flush (3 litres) or a full flush (6 litres) A mass majority of toilet cisterns can even be reduced from 6 litres down to 4.5.

The most common misconception since we changed the system we previously used is “will it work properly” the simple answer is yes, modern toilets are designed to create a vacuum and once flushed, the water and anything left in the pan to be drawn out and into your soil pipe.

Toilets aftercare advice;

Regularly clean your new product with warm soapy water as this will stop the build-up of dirt and harmful limescale, rinse with clean cold water, dry and polish with a clean dry soft cloth.
The occasional use of a mild non-abrasive bathroom limescale remover can be used. Please ensure to rinse off immediately with plenty of clean cold water. The use of bleach in the toilet bowl is acceptable.

Please do not put any bleach products such as bleach blocks into the actual cistern tank as this may damage the internal fittings. also do not leave strong cleaning products or bleach to stand in or on your product overnight or for any prolonged period and finally do not mix different cleaners as this may cause a chemical reaction and produce harmful gases.

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Fully Back To Wall Close Coupled Toilet, Rimless Close Coupled Toilet

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Pan Floor Fixings Included


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